Cartoon Commissions

Here are a few of my cartoon commissions, of course, they were drawn especially for the people or commercial businesses who ordered them. While a Christmas card for a firm of construction consultants is easy to understand, you won’t know why a toddler is operating a JCB, or why there are cavemen in a loft in Buckinghamshire! Generally they are gifts for people, but I can draw them for any reason and about anyone you like, yourself, your business, your colleague, even your pets! How it all works is that you contact me and I ask for a few facts about the subject of the cartoon. Is there something that they are renowned for? A long-standing joke between you? Is there anything about them that you would wish to mock (I get a lot of requests for cartoons about men doing terrible DIY). If it is something for a business I like to get a feel for your operation, and can adapt to the message that you wish to send. You can choose, which is the whole point, and you can almost guarantee that unless the recipient is a high profile politician, they will never have been the subject of a cartoon before!

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